10 models using the cobra f6 baffler – golf today northwest

10 models using the cobra f6 baffler - golf today northwest

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CobraF6Baffler_duo_640x480CobraF6Baffler_duo_640x480Time marches on and when you’re from the age to keep in mind Cobra’s Baffler has been available since 1975. Granted the Baffler name continues to be put on all types of club within the bag except putters but each “Baffler” has shared a typical feature. Each had metal skids around the sole known as “rails” that helped the mind glide with the turf and obtain the ball from just about any lie.

Once golfers discovered exactly what the original Baffler could provide for them it’s no question it used the “utility” club tag.

The very first Baffler were built with a steel-shafted persimmon mind with 23 levels of loft and 4 decades ago it was considered a powerful 7-wood. Considerably the Baffler was one of the primary clubs of modern times (combined with the Ginty by Stan Thompson and also the TaylorMade Raylor) that ultimately result in the growth and development of today’s jack-of-all-trades hybrids.

The present King F6 Baffler is explained Cobra like a “4/5 Fairway” and additionally towards the set of rails around the sole Cobra added two interchangeable weights to regulate launch trajectory and incorporated their eight setting hosel—the familiar MyFly design first seen 4 years ago within the AMP Cell driver.

For that 10 models testing I place the heavier weight (15 grams) within the rear position, the lighter in weight (3 grams) able nearer to the face area and hang the loft at 19 levels. My thinking ended up being to observe how the Baffler could do from the thick Bermuda lies common within my home condition of Florida. This fit nicely in to the gap between my 3-wood and 4-hybrid.

Jose Miraflor, Cobra’s Senior Director of Product Marketing &amp Creation, has stated Rickie Fowler was instrumental in designing the F6 Baffler and uses one regularly on Tour, replacing having a 3-iron based on conditions.

F6Baffler_exploded_600x410F6Baffler_exploded_600x410Another factor worth mentioning may be the slightly shorter shaft of 41 ? inches that is around one-1 / 2 inch under an average 5-wood, consider distance isn’t the primary consideration this can help with control. The clubhead is 178cc and bigger than hybrids with lofts within the high teens that are typically in the plethora of 110 to 120cc.

Before you take the F6 Baffler towards the course I wondered when the mind size may be problem during lengthy Bermuda rough but results demonstrated it wasn’t and also the ball appeared to “shoot” from just about any lie. The rails not just assist the sole glide with the grass but there is a slight ramping on the ends nearest the key fringe of the clubhead. A really handy design particularly if your downswing is commonly just a little steep.

Following the 10 models using the Baffler within my bag, utilizing it more like a hybrid than the usual fairway, it demonstrated its effectiveness repeatedly. In the fairway and from the tee I discovered it more than the 18 degree hybrid it replaced and from thick lies it always got the ball back to play.

Negatives: like a 4/5 fairway some could have a hard time locating a slot within their bag especially if they previously are transporting a 3-wood and 5-wood they like. The clubhead dimensions are bigger than the usual hybrid and could matter with a few.

Recommendation: There’s no doubt the F6 Baffler (retail $239) is really a design that may do dual purpose like a fairway wood and hybrid. Individuals searching to enhance their results whenever a lengthy shot in the rough is known as for should think about it.

*Images thanks to Cobra Golf

Resourse: http://golftodaynw.com/10-models-cobra-f6-baffler/

Cobra King F6 Baffler


dufferjuice: Mark, I have never seen you pull out the power hybrid and be happy about it. If this club makes you more comfortable… bag it now! Cheers and keep up the good work.

chaveznieves: I think the more important question, if you do put it in the bag, is what are you going to name it?

Hillman Hayes: Put it in the bag!!!

A K: This test off a mat fails to mention the best features of this club. It has the ability to hit off all sorts of lies due to being shallow and having very prominent rails. Sort of a 5w and hybrid in one. Not for everyone as Mark said but not just like all other 5w’s either.

Goodspeed: Can you review the new King F7 fairways and hybrids?

Zack Speller: I’ve always said that Cobra do the best fairway woods ��

Ian Shepherd: I love my 5 wold…can’t hit my 3 wood bc I don’t trust it over my 5 wood maybe I need a 3 wood lesson but it’s the only club in the bag that gives me trouble (just off the deck fine off tee) but love the 5 wood.

Sodthong: Is it in the bag yet Mark ???

denny obannen: What about…slightly big ass 13.95 degree 2 Wood?  How much competence would that draw off a short tee?

ThingsAreLookingUp: Put it in the bag.

Paul Scheuer: This is a bit like the old small-headed Adams Tight Lies GT fairway woods. I have a 3 and a 7. Not bagging the three right now because I fell in love with an old Dunlop 3-wood that I found at a second-hand shop, but the 7-wood is one of my favorite clubs.

theMANxGOLFER: Bag it, want to see the on the course rails doing magic

Roland Clayton: Looks good, reminds me of my Taylormade Raylor 16.5, very tempted.

Adam Flynn: Have used some cobra stuff in the last few years-making good stuff ��

99johnmatrix: Waggle waggle slide it in

DjSidewayz07: Bag it Mark! Rink My Dink needs a new big brother.. Oh wait, wrong brand ;). I’d like to see it on some course Vlogs so you can tell me how the rails are doing little to nothing aside from looks just like the fin.. Oops! There’s that brand reference agin lol…

alestev24: I think you will be sold on it, once you have hit it off real grass. I was lucky enough to do that on a demo day, and this thing is just so good and so consistent, even from very iffy lies.

Ludvig Waldenström: @crossfieldmark if you want to hit a short like a snap hook around a tree for example, will the bafflers prevent you from doing that?

purkjason: 5 Wood all day long …….

James Lovering: I find the hybrid gets the job done, the 5 wood is not really needed for me.

Robert Allan: I think you should bag it Mark, I also think its a great looking club and want to try one

Kenneth Gonzales: You were here for the Masters… did you not film any golf with Coach Lockey?

Kenneth Gonzales: Dude, why did you stop posting real golf videos? The weather cant be that bad…. Get back on the golf course with Coach and Rory ASAP!

Oscar: wow, so many videos made on one day in one studio!

PkGam: Rinky Dink competition? I never thought I’d see that happen. :O

Payton Miller: My big question with small fairway woods would be are they more forgiving than hybrids. If anyone knows which one is more forgiving could you tell me

Mark Woods: Hi Mark, nice review. I have hit this club off of turf and divits and it works well from both lies. Plan to purchase to replace a hybrid. Keep up the good work!

Brad Campbell: so if we have Rinky and dinky, who else do we have??

Lethal Lee: Do it Mark. I’ve had this clubs predecessor, the bio cell plus fairway for a couple years now. Best fairway metal I’ve ever used. Can get out of any lie with these babies.

B Hull: Seems like you enjoyed using this club – get it in the bag!

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