0to300golf: testing the 16 settings from the titleist surefit hosel.

0to300golf: testing the 16 settings from the titleist surefit hosel.


First to notice may be the distances are lower then expected for any golfer with roughly 118 miles per hour club mind speed. It was because of the headwind. The headwind remained relatively constant for that test. And to note may be the swing speed and club road to the golfer was quite consistent through the test. (Club Mind Speed from 116.7 to 118, Path from -2.4 to -4.2) This shows an advanced of consistency within the swing meaning the primary alterations in ball flight originated from altering the settings around the driver.

However like a golfer reacts to ball flight, it might be expected the golfer would adjust your swing or club to obtain a preferred ball flight. We attempted to minimise this by restricting it to six shots with every setting giving the golfer less chance to respond to the ball flight.

We are able to see in the above table that there are a substantial amount of variance within the settings. The very best carry and total was 259.9 and 272.5 yards in the D2 setting, the worst 235.9 and 243.5 yards in the C4 setting. Generally the golfer acquired more distance using the lower lofted settings D2, A1, A2, B1, B2 and lost distance using the greater lofted settings C4, A3, A4, B3, B4, D4.

A few anomalies made an appearance within the D3 Setting (+1.5 upright, +.75 loft), giving more distance then expected. And C1 (-.75 Fl, -.75 loft) giving less distance then expected.

Interestingly the lie position settings which control curvature did not appear to possess much effect on the finishing position from the ball. We’d expect more upright settings to maneuver the ball more to left and promote the ball to complete left and flatter settings to maneuver the ball left to right and advertise it to complete right. However, many upright settings D3, A2, C3 had the ball finishing right typically and a few flat settings B4 had the ball finishing left.

Minimal accurate setting was B4 (-.75 flat, +1.5 loft) using the average being 60.5 ft left and also the most accurate was C3 (+.75 Upright, +.75 loft) using the average being 6.1 ft right.


Resourse: http://0to300golf.blogspot.com/2014/09/

Titleist 910 Driver | Surefit Testing


streamleazefishhouse: I just got this driver second hand, played 3 rounds with it. Really like its consistency. I got it set on D2 because that how it came in the shop but that it probably how I would have set it, because I leak slice my last driver right…

Dave Cook: what wet should I have on the bottom?

Celestial Jakelation: Just wondering, how far do you normally drive the ball?

CPTBEAST 117: Lets give it a wollup of daisy!

bbabear01: Really glad I tested this driver. I went out today and tested about 20 drivers and the Titleist 910D3 with the 9.5 degree and the Diamana Ahina shaft Stiff was by far the best out of the bunch. I had it set to a D2 setting and it significantly helped remove my fade. Absolutely love this club as it added 10-20 yards per drive as well as got me hitting the ball more down the center of the fairway. Love this club, cant wait to afford one…lol.

stiffdogg06: 59 yards right, that’s a slice. LoL. I can’t wait to get my D2.

aakohler1: Mark can you either do a video or explain to me the differences between surefit and taylormade’s FCT and maybe even the nike or cobra systems. I think we all try to read as much as we can or hit drivers but sometimes the small details still avade us and with these ajustable drivers its really hard to know which one will really perform the best over the long run, which ones are durable and easy to tinker with so I would just like the insight of a professional like yourself. Thank you.

Mark Crossfield: @daveakaspud The 910 looks and feels great. SureFit is very clever and it does just work. For me Titleist just make great drivers where the other companies like gimmicks. Test a 910 and see how you get on.

David Etherington: Hi Mark looking to buy a new adjustable driver, theirs a few out now are they all quite similar or is there a particular brand that is the best.
Cheers Dave

xXxTupac4everxXx: Hey mark can you please do a comparison of the titleist ap2 and the Taylormade tour preferred irons? Thanks

KevinBrennan2010: Finally:L been waiting for this since November ….. Had a few eargasms listening to that:L

orton74: good demo of how the sure-fit system works, thanks……..Think I will try one out soon, although I did have a 909 which i struggled with previously. ( loved my old 905 and 983 back in the day ) Might have been the voodoo shaft on it, I struggled to get the ball airborne with i. Any ideas why ? ( I play off 6 so I can normally hit a driver reasonably solid ) Thanks Mark

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