Taylormade hybrids, info and reviews

Taylormade hybrids, info and reviews

You’ve showed up in the TaylorMade Hybrids page.

This is when you will find reviews and knowledge on the best hybrid clubs from one of the main club manufacturers. For nearly 40 years the organization continues to be producing excellent golf equipment.

Retief Goosen and Sergio Garcia are just two several experts who have enjoyed success, with TaylorMade clubs within their bag at some stage in the final decade.

But not just highly trained and competent golfers may use TaylorMade’s clubs. They really design and develop golf equipment for an array of abilities, from beginner to experienced pro.

They genuinely really are a brand that attract all players, quite something. TaylorMade has earned its place like a name that each golfer can respect and trust.

Regardless of what kind of club you are searching for, and just what your demands from the club is going to be. The TaylorMade group of clubs is nearly certain to have something which will compare well.

Be it workability and control you demand inside your game, or possibly you are just searching for many reliable forgiveness. TaylorMade really are a name which are certain so that you can help you.

If you’d like for more information in regards to a specific hybrid club from TaylorMade. Then simply just select from the models below to determine a complete review, and hopefully you’ll find our information helpful.

TaylorMade Burner 08 Save

TaylorMade Save 09

If you’d like to understand more details concerning the technology and specifications of TaylorMade’s golf equipment. You are able to click the link below to visit the TaylorMade web-site, that will then open inside a new window.

world wide web.taylormadegolf.com

to Webpage from TaylorMade Hybrids

Resourse: http://which-golf-clubs-for-you.com/

TaylorMade AeroBurner Rescue Review


Gary Goetz: Hi Rick,

Stephen Murphy: I have this club same loft and shaft and it goes left every time. Nice to see someone else has the same issue with it.

Michael Ackerman: I have tried this hybrid (along with several others) and the Aero Burner was the longest.

Jay Smooth: So has anyone on here game these long enough to say if they are any good? Pros/Cons? Is this club a redo of their SuperFast line? I did’ trike the SuperFast because it was so lite it was hard to feel the club head

eco8gator: I saw this the 19deg AB with stiff shaft on the used rack at the golf shop for dirt cheap and took it to the virtual practice tees…I hit the shit out of it. So easy to hit and the ball goes much farther than I espected. I tossed the 3w out of my bag for this club.

Joe Nys: What are the dots on the club face?

Chy Hang: Nice Club i got one too i love it

Πάνος Πανταζόπουλος (Panos 14): what is your opinion about the aero burner hybrid and 3 wood?? I am a 4 handicap and want to replace my old ones…

fdllicks: i had this and hated it.

preston garcia: Would this be good in the rough? And idk if I should get the 3H, 4H, or 5H. Any tips or suggestions?!

VWRabbit2008: You should test the tp model since the face isn’t closed as much

goldenglove25: what would club would you recommend out of the aeroburner hybrid or the callaway xr hybrid?

Mike H: +Rick Shiels PGA  I just purchased the 3H today and I am impressed so far.  I noticed the shaft in the one you are hitting is 60 grams.  The one I have is a 70 gram shaft in the same model.  Must be the Euro version you have that is the difference?  I find my ball flight is a bit lower than yours.

neelam Sodhi: Hi rick could u make a ‘what’s in my bag’ video pls pls pls pls pllsssssssss!!!!!!

Rich Glover: Hi Rick, I have been having problems with high spin with my Hybrid and 3w, so going to the Taylor Made demo day in Qatar on Friday. I want to replace both with two hybrids. Would you say the Aero Burner is a better 3w replacement, with the R15 being a better 3i replacement? 

Frank Mines Jr.: Can you review Srixon H45 hybrid, thanks

ESikora12: Tried this guy out yesterday and, similar to some of your shots, I was having a harder time with over-hooking the club. I felt like the lighter weight shaft played a little soft. If they would have had an X in a demo I feel I may have narrowed the dispersion a bit. Felt great off the face and the distance fit nicely into the gap where I need it, but not being able to control it causes some concern. My Wilson M3 from last season may just be sticking around for another year.

Malcolm Powder: I notice that last shot carried 233 with a total distance of 248 even though it pitched and rolled backwards into the bunker.  Just a bug in the sim?

Peter Stankovic: Rick, I think your legs are always pointing left.

Kevin Boudreau: It’s hard to perform every time for the camera, haha.

scotty195823: I am wondering if such long distances are entirely desirable.  Accepting that you are a pro and a long hitter I would say that the distance gains achieved by a decent ball striker would mean that there would be larger gaps between hybrids and the longest iron in the bag.  My personal experience bears this out.  I used to carry a 4 and 3 hybrid and found an unacceptably large gap between my 5 iron and my 4 hybrid.  Part of this was probably due to the fact according to launch monitor data my 5 iron is the iron I struggle most with.  I have got round this gap issue by buying a 5 hybrid to replace the 5 iron and now have more consistent gapping throughout my bag. 

Martin Moore: Thanks rick. Love the way you give an on course demo too. I’ve noticed the role out is not so far. Assume that is because it takes into account undulations. Ie hit into a slight up slope and kills some of the roll out.

Ben Danby: We’re do you get the clubs to review from

GinjaSpud: If you like the clubs you do in a review do you replace the club in your bag with the club you did on the review

MD_18UndaPar Matty: So I know you travelling today, and then I see this on my subs list. Mr Rick you are so Boss.

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