Nike vapor fairway forest and hybrids: the review

Nike vapor fairway forest and hybrids: the review
Longer, faster and more powerful. That’s what Nike’s

staff of golfers wanted most out

the company’s new selection of fairway forest

and hybrids.

Nike’s pre-existing line, the Covert 2.,

wasn’t exactly chopped liver. Rory McIlroy

tallied up a monster season in 2014 having a

couple of them in the bag. I’d even argue

that his 5-wood approach shot over water at

the Honda Classic’s harmful finishing hole

would’ve been the shot of the season had he not

lost to Russell Henley inside a playoff.

But that’s previously. McIlroy has

moved on with a brand new Vapor fairway

wood within the increase resulting in the 2015

Masters. He, as well as other Nike players

requested lighter designs for his or her

forest and hybrids, plus greater launch and

more forgiveness.

To describe the brand new Vapor fairway

forest, Nate Radcliffe, Director of Engineering

for Nike Golf stated, “Athlete insights drove

significant chassis refinement. [They] wanted

tighter but forgiving leading edges, larger

profiles and added ball speed. We’ve delivered

by using the synergy in our FlyBeam and

compression funnel technologies.”

Allow me to paraphrase what Radcliffe is

saying. The Vapor fairway forest and hybrids

be more effective. I’m able to verify that getting performed a

Covert fairway wood and hybrid for pretty much a


Building from the signature technology found

within the Covert line, namely the cavity back sole

which permitted mass to become repositioned

for the front to enhance ball speeds and

MOI, the Vapor forest and hybrids benefit

from a set of FlyBeams that reinforce the

redesigned sole. When combined with a

compression funnel that runs over the

bottom from the club just behind the face area, these

clubs produce lower spin rates and ball

speeds when compared with the earlier versions.

Vapor Speed and Flex Fairway


The Vapor fairway forest can be found

in 2 models, the rate and Flex. The

Speed weighs just a little under the Flex. It’s

a bigger, shallower face which makes it simple to square up. Based on Nike, the Vapor

Speed fairway wood includes a 25 % bigger

mind compared to previous model. Additionally, it features

a sloped crown that permitted engineers to

lower the middle of gravity cutting lower the

spin rate.

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Nike Golf Vapor Fly+ Fairway & Vapor Fly Pro Driver Unboxing


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