Taylormade golf sldr-s save hybrid golf equipment

Taylormade golf sldr-s save hybrid golf equipment

Product Details

TaylorMade Golf SLDR-S Save Hybrid Golf Equipment

Created for elevated playability and lengthy-distance shots, these hybrids launch balls far lower the program before they drop at steep angles for convenient, controlled landings.

  • 3H with 19? loft regular or stiff flex
  • 4H with 22? loft regular, stiff, or senior flex
  • 5H with 25? loft regular or senior flex
High Launches and Lengthy Distance
  • Speed Pocket design promotes lengthy-distance shots
  • Low-forward center of gravity promotes fast ball speed and occasional spin
  • Fujikura’s Speeder 72h shaft increases clubhead speed
  • Satin silver crown with black button-back promotes easy alignment
  • Men’s club
  • Right-handed
  • Graphite shaft
  • Shaft weight: 72g

About TaylorMade Golf

For many of their history—which could span so far as greater than 2,000 years back towards the Roman Republic, based on that you ask—golf was performed with wooden clubs. Despite irons were put into the sport, motorists remained as made from wood. However that altered in 1979, when golf salesperson Gary Adams had the concept for any 12? driver cast from stainless. He required a $24,000 lend on his home, leased an old television-set up plant in McHenry, Illinois, and hired a few individuals to help him, thus developing the TaylorMade Golf Company.

Adams’s metal club revolutionized the motive force in 2 ways. It distributed weight round the perimeter from the club mind, which made the motive force more forgiving, both to inexact shots and duffers’ obscenities after individuals shots. Also it featured a lesser center of gravity, generating more launch from the tee. Both of these features greatly improved the shots of amateur golfers, sparking their enthusiasm for that game. Tour professionals soon required notice from the metal driver, propelling its recognition and earning it a brand new oxymoronic nickname, the metalwood.

Today, TaylorMade continues its status like a leader in innovation. Its R11 driver, for instance, rocked the golf world this year by presenting a variable sole plate that individually adjusts the driver’s face position and loft. These continual advancements in golf clubs keep TaylorMade symbolized with a stable of top tour professionals.

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TaylorMade M2 Hybrid


hoteltango1: My new girlfriend is black on top, my dad will welcome her into the family providing she has a fluted neck fitted.

Bob Pfaff: TM should be the first club manufacturer to bring out the coffee card concept. You know, the card that gets stamped every time you buy a coffee with the 5th coffee free. If you buy M1, M2, M3 and M4 in a 12 month period, you receive an M5 club free. Now that is clever marketing.

Rob S: Now the exciting release of the M2 is over, I would assume TM is in the process of shipping you the M3 as we speak? Can we expect your review vid of the M3 next friday? I can’t decide if I want to spend hundreds of dollars on this weeks model, or next weeks model.

AGDiesel18: rinky replacement?

Elliott Milne: what is that screen called that you have in front of you i want one

Christopher Dyer: Which two do you have as in loft? I have currently the 3 19°.

tigerbalm: I hate shiny tops!

nathan crewes: Don’t you use a g25 hybrid with a shiny top! ��

Lou P: Just picked up the 3hybrid. Bombing it 245-255..super hot face

Sodthong: Fins have evolved into Flutes…

JodyJacksonGolf: Would have been nice to here you talk a little bit more on specs adaptability, i.e. are there any?…location of weight in the club, etc.

py0413: Just got the 19° M2 hybrid today to replace the Mizuno JPX hybrid I had been using last year. It’s as easy to hit and goes a bit longer for me . I quite like the black finish too and can’t wait to go out and play when all this rainy days are over.

Doug: flop

Stu Dunn: I want to see mark hit like…30 balls on these clubs. Then show those averages.

scedab: looks like an old Kasko 33. Dill Salmon say no more 🙁

David Shannon: fluted neck is supposedly saving weight to be used elsewhere not for acoustics

Adam Flynn: As a suggestion would it not be easier to just take a photo of M3 which will be out very shortly and just right let’s get stuck in on the bottom of the photo and M3 M4 M5 etc.. taylormade such a pi$$take!

David Fletcher: Gash my hybrid, ooo er.

agustin feliciano: how about the 17* hybrid??????

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