Adams idea tech a4 hybrids

Adams idea tech a4 hybrids

reviewsAdams IDEA TECH a4 HybridsBy Kickntrue on 10/16/08

Reviewed by Andrew Brown

Ratings Key
10. – 9.5 Is Required Tiger
9.4 to 8.5 Awesome
8.4 – 7.5 Excellent
7.4 to 6.5 Excellent
6.4 – 4.5 Solid
4.4 – 3.5 Substandard
3.4 – 2.5 Keep Your Money
2.4 – . Pay Not to own


Adams Golf is famous for his or her amazing hybrids when they presented to let me try the completely new IDEA TECH a4’s I hopped within the chance. The business line round the new a4 hybrid could it be provides tour-proven quality that has a lot more forgiveness, but it’s apparent the concept TECH a4 is intended for just about any better golfer.

The key factor technology facets of the completely new club are:

  • More forgiveness and 18% greater MOI than our leading Idea Pro Gold Hybrid.
  • Interchangeable sole weight enables for swingweight adjustments.
  • Elevated ball speed and greater distance through pull-face construction and-strength Maraging steel face.
  • High finish, premium Mitsubishi Javln Foreign exchange shaft.

I performed and reviewed the 3h and 4h. To learn more from Adams Golf in regards to the IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids check out the web site. Adams Golf IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids.

Look – 8.

When hybrids first to enter the market a couple of in the past they’d shapes similar to fairway forest but stubbier. A few companies performed with assorted shapes however, many have continued to be consistent with their original look. Adams is really a company that has moved outdoors in the box utilizing their new &quotBoxer&quot technology which changes the shape pretty drastically. As opposed to the graceful sloping club mind there is a &quotboxy&quot (go figure) rectangle from the club mind. Taken we reviewed the idea Pro Gold Hybrids combined with full-iron set and spoken concerning the completely new club shape and how they hit the ball.

These IDEA TECH a4’s have the identical general look and feel. Beyond the Boxer shape they are clever in most cases look sexy. I realize a few amateur golfers who still will not convey a hybrid inside the bag with the way it appears and just what it’s perceived to say on you. As I have faith that attitude is altering these new searching hybrids can help quicken the process for almost any holdovers.

Experience – 8.5

I’d 2 different encounters while using a4 Hybrids. Within the range and in the tee they were most likely probably the most incredible hybrid I ever hit. In the rough I’d a more difficult time. Numerous this can be sense- as it is clearly simpler hitting within the fairway and teebox compared to the rough, nevertheless it bothered us just a little since most of the aura surrounding hybrids may be the save ability from tough lies as well as the rough versus hard to hit extended irons.

Positives first- Within the driving range fairway and periodic tee- WOW! I used to be consistently pounding the ball 220-230 lower the center of the amount getting a small use every shot. It absolutely was enough any time I needed the hybrids towards the program I put my sporadic driver inside my bag and made a decision to keep things straight while using Adams IDEA TECH a4 Hybrids. My primary trouble with these shots was any time I did so make an effort to fade the ball I’d an authentic hard time that makes it happen. I desired to spread out my stance up and very change my swing to make it happen. While I’ll take draw and hard 95% of occasions, a golf club iron that calls itself Tour-worthy needs to be able to play for.

To date as my difficulties within the rough you’ll be able to probably chalk it up to couple things the initial because i am really NOT Tiger Forest (or Aaron Baddeley for example- an Adams guy). Also- I didn’t practice punching the club from tough spots so my primary situations while using a4’s in the rough was on-course experience which only happened a couple of occasions. I don’t think 5 to 6 shots is actually a good sample size to condition much bad about these hybrids. I’ll take the fact I hit 100 balls within the range and merely mishit a couple of them. There’s undoubtedly after i really owned this club it would be inside my bag and I’d pull it over trying to hit a standard 3 iron every single day on any shot.

Value – 7.5

At $170 a hybrid the Adam IDEA TECH a4’s aren’t cheap. They aren’t crazy when compared with the best hybrids in the marketplace either. It’s probably worth just if you’re a sporadic driver and need something can smack lower the middle everytime by sacrificing somewhat distance. It’s probably worth when you want to appear bad-ass and bear a golf club iron through the primary hybrid company on Tour.

Overall – 8.4 (no average)

For people individuals who’re intent on giving you better game and wish a completely new hybrid or desire to mind towards the marketplace… put that certain inside your list to check. I clearly haven’t hit every club that exists however i have hit enough to know the Adams IDEA TECH a4 may be the real factor. It can benefit improve certain areas of your extended iron game immediately with more experience could be the club to help take the game to another level. … if possibly it was not that &quotpractice&quot component that got with regards to that goal.

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[ comments ]Lefty’sRule states:
I merely go some A4’s and i also was skeptic on converting within the traditional 3&amp4 iron for the hybrid, however when I hit it, I used to be offered!!! These items are really solid and extremely easy to hit. I have the Tour AD shafts in mine that might have what from the difference, however was extreamly lucky to come across these since they are an trip issued shaft only. I have not hit them within the rough yet, my tee shot remains so excellent lately and i also hit it extended so much that there may just be a couple of holes around the course extended enough to hit a hybrid for just about any second shot. I am sure they are longer your traditional irons too. The very first time I hit the 3h round the course was in to a componen 5. I’d 232 uphill with no wind and stuck close to 4 foot. Later on I have were built with a lot confidence when I have had to utilize one.4/27/09

JetfanJ states:
BEST HYBRIDS EVER! UGLY TOO&gt&gt&gt&gtbut it’s the result that counts.12/7/12

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