Hybrid basics – golf tips magazine

Hybrid basics - golf tips magazine

Hybrid clubs are really helpful, as long as you are aware how to swing one. You would be amazed at the number of golfers arrived at me with hopes of using these versatile clubs, frequently without any clue of how–or of the items the hybrid is built to do to begin with.

To obvious up misconceptions about hybrids, in addition to how you can swing one, let us take a look at what hybrids are made to do. Generally, hybrids are made less fairway-wood replacements but because lengthy-iron replacements. This is not the situation overall, but to understand for several, browse the style of your hybrid. Whether it looks a lot more like a wood, then it is more appropriate for any wood-like swing. There are not many hybrids like this most hybrids available on the market have iron-like features, meaning these babies be more effective suitable for swing as an iron. That is what this quick primer is all about.

BALL Position: Make use of your 3- or 4-iron like a guide


To begin with, let us get the address position remedied. The best ball position for the hybrid is simply a smidge forward of the 3- or 4-iron. The aim would be to squeeze ball just while watching cheapest reason for your swing arc. By while watching cheapest point, I am talking about you need to hit lower on your ball together with your hybrid. It isn’t designed to scoop! Second, the space from your basketball should change. What this means is leaving the ball, a good inch approximately. To obtain more specific, look at your hybrid’s length together with your lengthy iron. Whether it’s one inch longer, then stand one inch further away from the ball.

Hybrid Iron Or Wood?

Exactly what is a hybrid, exactly? Most hybrids are created to be substitute clubs for individuals hard-to-hit lengthy irons, but that is not the case with all of models. The simplest way to find out in case your hybrids want more of the wood-like swing or perhaps an iron-like swing is to determine the style of the face area. When the face appears like an iron, then it is intended to be thrown a lot more like an iron. If it features a more rounded profile and appears a lot more like a wood, the club might perform much better for those who have a rather shallower position of attack. Certainly be careful, regardless of what, a hybrid isn’t a fairway wood, and often, your steeper iron swing will prevail. However if you simply have hybrids that appear to be a lot more like forest, you shouldn’t be afraid to create a lower and longer swing action. –Staff Report


Hybrids are more than irons, but, generally, they are shorter than your fairway forest. Which means the plane of the hybrid swing should also be somewhere among your irons and forest. Because when much you may well ask? Again, very little. Actually, should you follow my advice within the setup, being farther from the ball can make your swing just a little flatter naturally. So don’t pressure a swing plane to occur. Should you swing the club as an iron and slowly move the ball forward and from your body, the marginally flatter plane will require proper care of itself.


Just like you’d having a lengthy iron, hitting a hybrid effectively means hitting lower to the basketball, and creating a full extension with the hit. In situation you had been also wondering, it’s perfectly acceptable (actually, it’s encouraged) to create a divot together with your hybrid shots. Follow these steps–hit your hybrids just like a lengthy iron, and you will be moving toward making the most from them.

Frank O’Connell, PGA, teaches at We-Ko-Pa Club near Scottsdale, Ariz. To learn more, visit wekopa.com.

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