Hybrid Golf Clubs
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Cobra Hybrids

For years golfers around the world have been unsatisfied with the swings they were making. Adding more and more practice to their personal game, golf players struggled to get better results and they have succeeded in their efforts dramatically. Yet, the industry came up with supportive innovation of modern hybrid golf clubs. Presented in various forms and shapes, many golf clubs makers came to the market with better version in order to suit the needs of modern golf players and make their golf game better. One of these hybrids producers is Cobra hybrid clubs.

Cobra Golf History

Hybrid clubs have quickly became a part of our lives and have caught golfers’ attention for good. Back in the beginning of 20th century Mills NK Niblick came up with aluminum faced clubs which were pretty popular at the time. These clubs helped players to play better and could be described as preliminary hybrid golf clubs. Then back in 1970s Cobra has launched the series called The Buffler and they were pretty popular at the time. Actually this golf club line bright popularity and dramatic success to Cobra company. At the time, hybrids were only starting out on their popularity and many golfers’ attitude was pretty precautious towards them.

Modern Cobra Hybrids

Getting back to modern Cobra hybrids, they are a perfect combination of fairway woods and long irons in one perfect Cobra hybrid club. These hybrids are much easier to aim and to hit as well. The combination of a long iron and a fairway wood provides a hitting distance with much higher trajectory. Ball easily gets airborne. It flies pretty high. It lands pretty soft. More accuracy and control are gained while hitting with Cobra hybrids. And, yes, shafts are shorter. Club-faces are stiffer. For achieving greater distance coverage, it has more akin to irons which is pretty amazing!

Cobra hybrids compact heads feature rounded soles. Hybrids rails on the bottom are able to assist you to deal with variety of lies. When 240 yards must be covered, you should consider using hybrid instead of 2- or 3-iron. Both amateurs and professional golfers appreciate the unquestionable value and great benefits of Cobra hybrid clubs. For example, Todd Hamilton advises and says that you are able to find perfect Cobra hybrids for all types of situations on the course. Low center of gravity makes much easier to hit the ball of the rough. Whether it is tight lies or sand, you are able to do the good hit if you are using Cobra hybrids.