Hybrid Golf Clubs
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Callaway Hybrids

Callaway Hybrids is another innovation that is able to place us into heaven of golf playing. Having all the best features of wooden and iron golf clubs, Callaway hybrids possess all the qualities of good golf playing. What is so special about Callaway hybrid golf clubs and why are they getting more popular each day? Well the answer is simple. You have the ability to use the club that designed like a wood but you will play with it like it is an iron.

Callaway Hybrid Clubs

Golf players around the world value Callaway hybrid golf clubs as they possess all best features of woods and irons combined together. If you want accuracy, you’ll have it. If you want control over a long iron then you will have it too. Yes, we agree, Callaway hybrids possess both the accuracy of the hit and the control of the hit.

Callaway has its own philosophy behind this exclusive golf hybrid clubs. In order to raise the quality of our game, true innovation and superb performance was enclosed into Callaway hybrids. The initial goal was to shape the accuracy, to improve on the hit distance and to optimize the shape of the shot. The Company is proud of its product as it brings real joy of happy game.

Callaway hybrids has a revolutionary technology applied to it. Callaway hybrids are presented in the X series with high playability and the forgiveness, Big bertha heavenwood hybrids. These golf clubs present high performance of the long iron with the forgiveness of the fairway wood golf club.

The hardest golf holes on the course can be hit with Callaway hybrid clubs. It is no secret that starting out golfers and golf amateurs choose specifically callaway hybrids which make their game much smoother. Older and middle age fellows tend to switch to callaway too. They become more confident of their swing and control. They are also are confident they will avoid any back or knee injuries as well which is of the high health priority. Women are switching to the Callaway hybrids too. Special version of right-handed hybrid clubs available for them (in 4H & 5H).

With the affordable price, Callaway hybrid are gaining more popularity with all types of golf players. Old golf sets are being exchanged for Callaway hybrid sets. Available in five lofts, these hybrid clubs correspond to 1-iron, 2-iron, 3-iron, 4-iron and 5-iron. With its elongated head design, they have low profile head. These exclusive Callaway hybrids are able to create a dramatically low gravity center to help players to get the ball high in the air and skies.