Hybrid Golf Clubs
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Adams Hybrids

Ideal for both men and women of all ages, Adams hybrid clubs are gaining more popularity and admiration nowadays. Available in the sets of 4-,5-, 6- plus and 7-mid, Adams hybrid clubs are the miracle of the modern hybrid golf clubs industry. Designed to strategically improve on your golf game, the Adams Company has also included the clubs in 8- and higher gap wedge to be oversized and cavity back irons.

All golf players know how cruel can become the game. To be prepared for all the outcomes you need to have or to invest in the proper modern equipment. This is what golf game is all about. Winning and Satisfaction. Many golfers know how hard it is to lose the strokes in the ‘short game’. Both for the amateurs and the professionals, it is hard and tough to properly hit with long irons. But in late 1990s, new hybrid golf clubs were presented to the market. Now, everybody had a chance to show a good game and become a golf professional with less stress.

Adams Golf company is famous for having the most extensive line of hybrid golf clubs on the market today. Behind ever hybrid club model is an idea which we will overview. World major champions choose to play with Adams hybrids as they know how to win the tournaments. We can rave about how simple or easy it is to send the ball into the air. All respected professionals are getting switched to using hybrids and getting rid of old irons. Recreational golfers know the benefits of playing with Adams hybrid clubs. Let’s review the original ideas that stand behind Adams hybrids.

A3 and A3 OS Hybrids

A3 Boxer – the latest Adams hybrid arrival. Hits the ball to the increased distance thanks to less twist and off-center impact hits. These clubs boast the highest MOI in comparison with other hybrids on the market today. The line is also available for woman and seniors Adams hybrid clubs sets.

A2 and A2OS Hybrids

A2 and A2OS Hybrids designed for skilled and ‘professional’ golfers, the players with swing speed from mid to high. These hybrids’ MOI is tremendously high. The balls gets easy into the air and a low and deep CG. This hybrid model comes in a variety of 1H, 2H, 3H and 4H both in steel or graphite shafts.

Pro is claimed as the top hybrid for National Championships and Tours by Adams Golf. It has high MOI and low CG. Hybrids’ soles have easy to adjust weight port. There is no offset on this hybrid club. Comes in 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, and 5H. There are Adams hybrids available in left-handed variations.